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Change avatar name

Because your avatars name is part of your accounts profile information, you can change it from our back-end.

1. Go to the login of our back-end ( and fill in your Workspace ID to continue

2. Click ‘Sign In’ (top right) and login with your Connec2 account

3. Once logged in, click on your user name (top right) and click on ‘My Profile’

4. Click on the little pencil icon listed at ‘Basic Information’

5. Rename the name of your avatar by changing it in the ‘Full name’ tab (note: don’t change any of the other fields!)

6. Click ‘Update’ to save the changes you’ve made

Note: when you get close to another avatar, it will also show the information that is listed under ‘Organization’ (to edit this field: click on the little pencil icon listed at ‘Additional Information’). All the other information in your profile (eg. Department, Location etc.) is not being used at the moment.