Installation guide

Setting up your Connec2 Client

In order to use start using Connec2 and collaborating with others users in your  virtual workspace, you’ll need to install the Connec2 Client software.

You will also need an active Connec2 Account –  this will be provided to you by email when you have purchased a license, requested a demo or registered for an event.

There are currently two ways how you can install the client: for VR (Oculus Quest) or for PC (Windows 10). Take a good look at the pre-quisites for either platform and scroll down to start setting up your Connec2 Client!


PC client:

  • Windows 10 PC
  • Microphone
  • Headphones (recommended)
VR client:

  • Windows 10 PC
  • Oculus App installed on smartphone
  • USB cable to connect Oculus Quest to PC

Running macOS or experiencing any problems?

If so, click here to go to the FAQ!

1. Install Connec2 Uplink

to install the PC & VR client software

  • Connec2 Uplink is your gateway to the Connec2 Cloud
  • You can use it to publish content or install Connec2 software
  • You can download Connec2 Uplink from the Download software page

You will need an active Connec2 Account to coninue –  this will be provided to you by email when have purchased a license, requested a demo or registered for an event

Do you want to install the PC client or is your Oculus Quest already in ‘Developer mode’?

If so, click here to skip to step 5

2. Create an organization

to allow installing 3rd party apps on your Oculus Quest

  • To allow installing 3rd party applications to your headset you’ll need to enable ‘Developer mode’
  • To do this, you’ll need to register as a ‘developer’ on the Oculus website. This process is free, quick and easy to setup
  • If you created an organization you can also add other members from your company to this same organization

Go to on your PC and create an ‘organization’ to continue

3. Open the Oculus App on your smartphone

to toggle 'developer mode' in settings

  • Go to ‘Settings’ (1), select your Quest (2, which is turned on!) and go to ‘More settings’ (3)
  • In the next screen select ‘Developer Mode’ (4) to open ‘Developer Settings’
  • To activate ‘Developer mode’ toggle the switch (5)

Once you have enabled ‘Developer mode’ restart your Oculus Quest to continue. You can do this by holding the power button until it turns off and press it again to turn it back on

4. Connect your Quest to your PC

to authorize your PC to install software

  • When you connect your Quest to your PC a message will appear in your Oculus Quest, put on your Oculus Quest in order to ‘Allow USB debugging’
  • If the message doesn’t appear try using a different USB port on your computer and/or a different USB-C cable
  • You should also select ‘Always allow from this computer’ to prevent this message from coming up every time you connect your Quest to your PC

You’re almost there! Start Connec2 Uplink and login with your Connec2 Account to continue

5. Login to Connec2 Uplink

and select the Connec2 Client you want to use

  • Once you have selected an option follow the onscreen instructions in order to start and/or install the software
  • PC client: after installing, you can always start it from Connec2 Uplink
  • VR client: after installing, disconnect the Oculus Quest from your PC and launch Connec2 from ‘Unknown Sources’ in the Oculus Quest library

Frequently asked questions: they might already contain the answer you are looking for!

I’m using macOS, how do I install the VR client?

You can use SideQuest to install the VR client!

  • When using macOS you can use SideQuest to install our VR client
  • For this you must first download the standalone APK file from our Download page
  • After that click here to get SideQuest and follow the instructions on their website on how to install it

What buttons do I use on my VR controllers?

Just take a good look at the controller scheme!

  • For some actions you’ll also need to use the [TRIGGER]
  • This only applies when interacting with 2D UI elements
  • e.g. when selecting which Holodeck you want to enter

I’m using the PC client, but I think people can’t hear me?

Could be an issue with your microphone settings!

  • A few things could be the cause.. does your microphone work in other applications like Microsoft Teams or Google Meet?
  • Our PC client uses the default recording device, make sure the right microphone is set to your ‘Default Device (1)
  • Our audio calibration could have determined your audio output was too high, try disabling your ‘Microphone Boost‘ in the properties of the device (2) and restart the VR client

Why don’t I get the ‘Allow USB debugging’ message in my Oculus Quest?

You might need to install an additional driver!

  • Click here to download the driver from
  • To install the driver, extract the zip folder, then right click the ‘android_winusb.inf’ file (1) and click ‘Install’ (2)
  • Note: this driver can only be installed on Windows 10

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