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User centered design in practice

VR makes it easy to review designs and processes with different groups of stakeholders. Without the need for technical knowledge you now can experience lifelike products, spaces and processes together.

Minimalize failure costs

Experience a new building as if it was already build en discover errors in time. In VR you can evaluate your 3D model with stakeholders and refine your design.

Training in VR

Learn to work with technical drawings quicker. Discover this effective way to lower training costs and offer trainings anywere and anytime to your empoyees.

Spatial awareness for more enthusiasm

Take your potential buyers through your 3D designs and make better choices. Revive your future building and discover new posibillities, extra options and additional work, in an early stage.

Switch between different options and variations.

Easily organize sessions with multiple users

Display your VR world in your own house style

Safe cost

Lower your CO2 footprint and safe money at the same time by working remotely. No more traffic jams or long lasting meetings. With Connec2 you have the tool to get things done easier and quicker.