3D workflow

Connec2 3D Editor

Our 3D workflow creates endless possibilities to transfer knowledge from one per person to another, or even better – an entire group.

Not being bound to a physical location and having the ability to visualize anything at anytime – Connec2 3D Editor offers you the ability to train, teach and present anything to multiple stakeholders from any location, whenever required.

In the construction industry for instance, teams can use Connec2 to validate BIM designs together with stakeholders as if they are there, while at the same time reducing travel costs & CO2 emissions.

Working together across distances has never been this easy, even during times of pandemic crisis.

Benefits of 3D Editor

  • Based on the best open standard available
  • Iterate through designs
  • Assess together with stakeholders
  • You can do it yourself!

Quickly iterate through designs

And share them together with stakeholders

  • Publish your own 3D models with zero effort
  • Specify interactive elements
  • Upload your model in glTF format

Runtime 3D asset delivery

glTF overview

  • Compact, fast, runtime neutral & extensible
  • glTF is the “JPEG of 3D”
  • Extensive export plugins available for numerous applications
  • Supported by the industry

Not sure how to export to glTF? Click on the logo to find out!

Connec2 3D Editor allows users to quickly iterate together with stakeholders

3D model in glTF format: Turbine | Turbofan Engine by blenderbirb

Frequently used software: they might already support glTF!

Trimble SketchUp

SketchUp extension

  • glTF export is available using a free extension for SketchUp
  • Creates a glTF model of your currently open SketchUp model
  • Extension available at Extension Warehouse

Autodesk Revit

Revit Add-In

  • glTF export is available using an Add-In for Revit
  • Export projects in glTF format as they appear in 3D view
  • Add-In available at Autodesk App Store

Dassault Systèmes Solidworks

Native support

  • glTF export is natively supported by Solidworks
  • Export CAD files using the Extended Reality Exporter
  • Find more information on the Solidworks Online Help

Autodesk 3Ds Max

3Ds Max plugin

  • glTF export is available using a free 3Ds Max plugin
  • Export scenes in glTF format using the Babylon exporter
  • Plugin available on the Babylon Website


Native support

  • glTF export is natively supported by Blender
  • Export 3D models from the export menu
  • Find more information in the Blender Manual

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