Working together without boundaries

The virtual collaboration platform Connec2 allows you to have a lifelike social experience in which physical distances disappear. High quality voice, precise movements and a low latency communication provide an endless productive experience.

XR as a service

Connec2 offers an accessible ‘XR as a service’ solution. Instead of developing expensive XR software from scratch, Connec2 allows teams to effortlessly meet, publish and share content in order to start implementing XR today!

Intuitive communication

  • Focus on end user
  • Human way of interaction
  • High quality spatial voice

Effortless workflow

  • Easy to pick up
  • Intuitive toolset
  • Quickly iterate

by design

  • Private communication
  • Secure digital environment
  • Available as private cloud

Perfectly fits your use case

Regardless of whether you are in the design phase or already have a product on the shelf, there is always added value to be achieved with Connec2.

Been in this since the start.

Connec2 is a synergy of years of experience in the field of 3D visualisations, XR & Cloud. Our team of talented developers think ahead of the opportunities that new technologies enable.

At Connec2 we focus on product leadership: We offer Cloud & XR as an accessible service so people can get started right away. It’s not the new technology that counts, but the result for the end user.

With Connec2, every company can elevate existing and new processes.


Tim Moelard (left) and Bart Kok (right) get their first demonstration of the Oculus Rift duct-tape prototype from Palmer Luckey (middle)

Palmer Luckey founded Oculus during a Kickstarter campaign in 2012


Launch of XR as a service platform: Connec2


The Virtual Dutch Men started development on a multi-user collaboration platform


Interactive department rebranded to The Virtual Dutch Men


We experienced the first Oculus Rift prototype at Unite 2012


ArchiVision expanded with an interactive media department


ArchiVision was founded as a 3D visualization studio

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