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Dura Vermeer uses Connec2 to bring BIM models to life

Dura Vermeer enthusiastic about Connec2

Virtual design assessment with Connec2 can count on very enthusiastic reactions from both Dura Vermeer and its customers. To belong to the most innovative builders requires a lot of guts and innovative power. Dura Vermeer chooses Connec2 to bring BIM models to life and to be able to evaluate them together with groups of customers. Being able to walk through the designs in real life provides clear expectations, more insights and early error detection.

Collaborate in VR

Connec2 is a VR collaboration platform that is used by the construction industry to reduce failure costs and greatly improve communication with customers and construction team members. BIM models are converted to a VR world, in which you can experience the building design from any location with multiple users, and gain better insight into all facets of the design.

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