Architecture, engineering & construction

Involve stakeholders easily in your current design workflow and minimize failure costs.

User centered design in practice

Connec2 makes assessing designs and processes with various groups of stakeholders very easy.

Seeing is believing

Experience lifelike spaces, products and processes together, even without technical knowledge.

Curious about what the process looks like? View the use case of Dura Vermeer and see for yourself!

Get stakeholders involved

In Connec2 you can assess your 3D BIM models together with stakeholders and refine your design.

By bringing the future building to life, there is more attention to options, possibilities and additional work at an early stage.

Prevent failure costs
& save time

In Connec2, experience a new building as if it had already been built and discover design flaws in advance.

Virtual working also saves time and reduces CO2 emissions. No traffic jams or delays, but work together whenever you want. In our digital world, this is quick and easy.

Switch between different
options and variations.

Easily organize sessions
with multiple users

Display your VR world
in your own corporate identity

Increase the quality of our 3D models

Tjerk Boorsma – BIM Director at Dura Vermeer Hengelo

We use the Connec2 VR-platform to host design reviews with our customers. This way we increase the quality of the integral 3D model we work on with different technical parties. We can do this from any place without the need to travel, which makes it much easier te use.

Get stakeholders involved

René Evers – Company Director at Dura Vermeer

Reviewing models with multiple users really gets the discussion flowing. Everyone sees something different and the experience is really different from watching a screen.
Our customers are realy enthousiastic, they now have a good understanding of what they will get. It takes time but definitely delivers.

Want to experience
Connec2 yourself?

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