Next level collaboration

Working together without boundaries

The virtual collaboration platform Connec2 allows users to have a lifelike social experience in which physical distances disappear. High quality voice, precise movements and a low latency communication provide an endless productive experience.

Virtual Reality enables users to collaborate with others in the same virtual space, from the comfort of your own living room or workplace. Sounds and voices are spatial and help the human brain to filter relevant information in a natural way. Non-verbal communication through intuitive hand and head gestures enables users to have expressive possibilities.

Privacy and security

Privacy and security are the foundation for Connec2. The platform contributes to a safe digital working environment because the cloud solution can be deployed online but also locally in-house. End-to-end encryption ensures private communication between users and their data.

Cross platform

Connec2 users can decide for themselves which device they use to visualize the virtual environment. It is accessible with the use of high-immersive technologies, such as virtual or augmented reality glasses, but can also be accessed by smartphone or tablet.

Human interaction

Connec2 offers teams the opportunity to make comments in a shared virtual environment, to give interactive presentations and to discuss 3D designs of current projects in different types of file formats, all with the help of intuitive tools that only Virtual Reality can offer.

The average Dutch employee spends 6.5 hours per week on average attending meetings; about 300 hours (!) per year.

Add the travel hours and costs to this equation and you may wonder whether all these hours are effective and result-oriented.

3D Importer workflow

Connec2 allows users to upload their own 3D files (in known format) to the cloud without friction. It also enables users to easily add interaction to its 3D components. This allows multiple users to simultaneously interact around the same spatial content and share their knowledge.

Great response

The soft-launch of Connec2 took place at the Hannover Messe 2019, where we gave a showcase of the platform as a partner of the Fieldlab Industrial Reality at the Holland Pavilion.

Large companies with a technological footprint were impressed by our approach.

Getting started

Our platform can be applied in three different ways:


For a fixed price per month you gain access to the basic necessities to work together virtually.


A customized solution offers the possibility to add your own specific functionalities and environments.


The use of the Connec2 SDK provides companies with a toolkit to build an application entirely to their own taste.

Do you want to try Connec2?

You are very welcome to try out Connec2 at our office.
During this appointment you can be offered a trial account. The account provides the ability to test the platform at your own convenience.

You can also leave your email address to be notified when the public version becomes available.

Do you have experience with virtual reality?

Which headset do you want to use?

What do you want to use Connec2 for?

Which operatingsystem do you use?

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