Working together for a better future

Innovation in healthcare

Over the years, we have already given demonstrations of this new technology at many hospitals and healthcare institutions. In addition to the fact that we notice that innovation in this sector often takes very small steps (see, for example, the introduction of tablets); is it also often that everyone is doing something on their own ‘island’..

However, we believe that you achieve more by joining forces and are also passionate about co-creation; it’s even deeply rooted in Connec2’s DNA.

Innovation through co-creation

Connec2 is working with a number of organizations on an innovation initiative for healthcare. We have put together an accessible VR package for this that contains everything to get started immediately and for 3 years!

Would you like to know more about the Innovation Initiative for healthcare? Contact us!l

Present together

Bryan Lemeer – Projectmanager ICT & Zorgtechnologie Sevagram

Through Virtual Reality, stakeholders are involved in exploring innovative and radical opportunities within Sevagram.

Colleagues meet in a new dynamic world to work together. In addition, the proven technology is included in the new construction and renovation work process.