Virtual Workspace

Recognizability in a virtual environment is important. Both on a personal level and productively.

Connec2 Index

Through years of experience in the field of virtual reality and 3D archviz, we have created a design that combines all our expertises into the ultimate virtual workspace: Connec2 Index.

The name Index is derived from the table of contents of a book. It provides users with a clear overview of the endless possibilities that Connec2 has to offer. This is made possible by implementing your brand identity in a natural way and by incorporating intuitive activity based spaces.

Benefits of Index

Look at it as a virtual extension of your physical office:

  • Brand identity at no additional costs
  • Activity based spaces
  • Ever evolving feature set
  • It’s free real-estate!

Make it your own

Create your own brand identity without effort:

  • Simply indicate an accent colour
  • Upload your logo in SVG format
  • Upload visuals to enrich the environment with current topics

Meetings & discussions

Stand-up Space
  • Perfect for presentations with great crowd engagement
  • Includes a Connec2 Smart Screen for presentations
  • Use remote desktop for applications that matter most to you

Design review

Holodeck Space
  • Perfect for multi-user design reviews with stakeholders
  • Upload your own 3D models in different formats
  • Interactive elements allow for next level collaboration