Release Notes

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April 13, 2023 | Spotlight : Augmented Reality & Additive 3D

Augmented Reality app | project your 3D models 1:1 in the real world using the camera passthrough of your Android device.

Additive 3D app | in the Holodeck you can now experiment with loading multiple 3D models at the same time.

  • New Features:
    • Android Client: Connec2 is now also available on Google Play for Android.
  • Early Access:
    • Augmented Reality app: with this new app (only on supported Android devices, available in Holodeck) you can project your 3D content / scene to the real world. If you combine this with Zero Code you can for e.g. create augmented assembly instructions.
    • Additive 3D app: with this new app you can load multiple 3D models in the Holodeck at the same time. Note: models that are loaded with this feature currently don’t support Zero Code.
    • Gyroscope control: gyroscope orientation support for Android.
    • Grid control: ability to disable the Holodeck grid when loading a 3D model. This is useful for 3D content that appears under ground floor level.
  • User Experience:
    • Icons and colours in Personal menu have been modified and simplified.
    • Personal menu: apps are opened in a smaller window (by default) and can be set to wide view.
    • Mute button (VR client only): to avoid sporadic input it now works with a timer to toggle.
    • Zero Code app: improvements in synchronization across users and devices.
    • Cast app: various improvements; including a fade when switching between users.
    • Spaces app: improvements when Advanced Spaces is enabled.
    • Smart Screens: Connec2 branding is less prominent (only when you are close and no slides are visible).
    • Improved teleportation line handling when switching surface types.
    • Improved notification handling while loading 3D models.
    • Improved 3D model outline calculation on Holodeck (blue line surrounding the 3D content).
  • Avatar:
    • Profile app: users can now change their name and company information during a live session.
    • From now on avatars must be assigned in the user profile (located in the management console). Avatars previously assigned in Uplink will automatically migrate to the user profile (once).
  • Various:
    • Bugfixes in BIM issue tracker.
    • Spectator camera: disable zoom while a menu is open.
    • Bug fixes and minor improvements.

March 9, 2023 | Spotlight : Zero Code

Connec2 3D Editor | use the Zero Code component to create an assembly or configuration from a 3D model collection.

Zero Code app | in the Holodeck you can now easily toggle these stages of the assembly / options of the configurator.

  • New Features:
    • Cast app: with this new app (PC client only) you can turn on spectator mode. With spectator mode you can follow various users without the need of a Chromecast.
    • Zero Code app: you can now add Zero Code components to your 3D content (in Uplink 3D Editor). With these components your can create an interactive Assembly or Configurator. With the Zero Code app (in PC/VR client, available in Holodeck) you can toggle options based on these components through our powerful XR interaction framework.
  • Early Access:
    • Advanced Spaces: ability to create private spaces (e.g. multiple Holodecks).
  • User Experience:
    • Interface elements and colours in the client have been modified and simplified.
    • App ‘windows’ can now also be displayed in a smaller format (taking up less space in your field of view)
    • Browser app can now be displayed in full-screen (2D clients only).
    • App Drawer / Start Menu in the client now has arrows for moving to next and previous screen when multiple pages of apps are available (as alternative for swiping).
    • Changed spawn point visualization for Holodeck (now also matches with Uplink 3D Editor).
  • Avatar:
    • SDK upgrade: includes local caching for avatars (note: loading avatars does not yet work in combination with proxy settings).
  • Network:
    • When the server is not accessible through direct ports (during login), the client will fall back once to a connection via the gateway.
    • All downloads from KVS storage will be (by default) made available for 30 days in a local cache, which can save a lot of data when having multiple sessions (e.g. during trade fairs).
    • Network statistics in the Settings app (in client) have been updated with download statistics and connection type.
    • Connection timeout (after 13 seconds of reconnecting): teleportation and menu are locked.
  • Various:
    • AppLab: store assets have been modified to better represent Connec2.
    • Performance adjustments in Index (start scene).
    • Adjustments in point cloud rendering.
    • Bug fixes and minor improvements.