Property management in VR

Connec2 makes it easy in 6 steps

Involve non-technical team members

As a property owner or manager, you want to have as clear a picture as possible of the impact of a renovation. VR makes it possible to evaluate this – in real life – and to perfectly coordinate all wishes and requirements with the adopting parties. With Connec2, you can even do this with multiple (end) users at the same time. In this article we would like to inform you about the ideal approach for a renovation or conversion of your property.

Connec2 is a VR collaboration platform that is used by the construction industry to reduce failure costs and greatly improve communication between customers and construction team members. BIM models are converted into a VR world, in which you can experience the building from any location with multiple users, and gain better insight into all facets of the design.

1. BIM as an integral model

BIM is now well established as a means of communication between customer and construction team members. Unfortunately, it is still difficult for non-technical colleagues to understand exactly what the new or renovated building will look like. But technical project members also benefit greatly from gaining spatial insight and experiencing the plans in full scale.

2. All details well in view

VR makes it possible to convert 3D BIM models into a 3D world in which all objects can be viewed in full size and at the planned position. With Connect2 you can even do this yourself. The platform makes it possible to upload models yourself and view them immediately with multiple users. Because the models are uploaded in the cloud, colleagues from any location can participate. Preferably with VR glasses such as the Oculus Quest. But you can also watch from a screen.

3. Together with (non-technical) users

By walking virtually through the new building with colleagues, a discussion quickly arises about certain parts. One sees something and the other sees it differently. Because people enter into a conversation together, many mistakes are spotted before the designs are final. This saves you failure costs and significantly improves the BIM model. This also ensures better coordination of expectations between the client and the building parties.

4. Themed sessions

Because non-technical colleagues can now also contribute ideas, it is wise to organize this per theme. With this you structure the review sessions and you can have the right people review each theme. The cleaning crew for the practical layout and placement of objects. The catering staff to assess the kitchen and related areas, the technical service to view the technical areas. But also think of office staff who can estimate the layout and space or specialists within the company who can provide insight into useful layouts.

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