Ralston Tinting Systems uses Connec2 to enable global remote introductions and training.

Digital Transformation with Connec2

Connec2’s XR platform enables global remote launches and training, leading to less travel and a sustainable impact.

“Ideal for innovative companies, this versatile tool provides detailed remote interaction, perfect for complex technologies like our tinting. It presents our company in an impressive way and leaves a lasting impression on users.”

Eric van Meerten, New Business Development Manager Tinting Systems at Ralston, a subsidiary of Koninklijke Van Wijhe Verf, uses the XR platform Connec2 to do business more efficiently and sustainably.

“Koninklijke Van Wijhe Verf specializes in export activities, with Ralston Coatings selling paint under the Ralston label.

My specific team, Ralston Tinting Systems, focuses on selling color mixing systems to other paint manufacturers.”


“During the development of our new Tintingale concept, amid the Corona pandemic, we faced the challenge of limited travel.

The introduction of our innovative color mixing system required virtual presentation and training to remain effective in this rapidly changing world.”

The choice for Connec2

“Connec2 came our way through a collaboration with a software developer who participated in a consortium to promote VR.

The ability to present ourselves in VR and create custom spaces in metaspace convinced us of the value of Connec2.”

Implementation with support

“The implementation of Connec2 involved designing a specific VR introduction and training room. We used an external design agency for the holodeck. Connec2 provided constant online support for setting up accounts and avatars, which was crucial for a smooth start.”

Achieved results

“Thanks to Connec2, we have achieved significant savings in travel costs, which has benefited our sustainability efforts as a B-Corp certified company. The introduction of VR has not only positioned us as a professional and innovative company, but has also led to valuable interactions and demonstrations at the European Coating Show.”

Remote training

“Although we are still in the early stages of Tintingale technology, we are planning the application of Connec2 for another business, specifically UV curable coatings. We are investigating the possibilities of realizing practical VR training for applying this critical coating.”

Connec2 as a completely innovative instrument

Connec2 has fully focused on the possibilities of VR and AR, where multiple users benefit from the same platform without reinventing the wheel.

“It has quickly given us the ability to conduct remote launches and training globally, not only saving costs but also embracing sustainable practices. Connec2 has not only helped us understand complex remote tinting technology, but also impressively presented our company as an innovator in the market. Connec2 is a complete tool that leaves a lasting, innovative and sustainable impression on their customers.”

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