Design Review

With our BIM Issue Tracker, feedback that emerges during a design review can be recorded immediately.

BIM Issue Tracker

During a design review, many comments often come up. Apart from the fact that spatial issues are more difficult to assess on a flat screen, the structured recording and clear understanding of that feedback is often an even bigger problem.

Industry standards for BIM

We have listened carefully to our customers in the construction sector and have arrived at two formats that are seen as universal in the BIM world: IFC as 3D file format and BCF as issue file format.

BIM Issue Tracker

You need to prepare your design review session with just a few simple steps. In addition to your IFC model, also publish the BCF file with the predefined issues and/or comments and our BIM Issue Tracker will do the rest!

Virtual review

Thanks to our powerful BIM Issue Tracker, issues that have been mapped in advance can easily be viewed during a virtual review. In addition, feedback can be given not only textually, but also visually by means of virtual tools.

Error-free feedback

When your virtual review has been completed, you will of course want to process the feedback as soon as possible. In addition to textual comments, points of view and screenshots from the virtual session are also recorded in a way that can be read directly in eg BIMcollab ZOOM!