Platform Guide

Welcome to the Connec2 Platform Guide!

Account overview

In Connec2 you have a personal account which you’ll use throughout the Connec2 platform. Your Connec2 Account will be provided to you by your Connec2 contact person when you have purchased a licenserequested a demo or registered for an event.

Your Connec2 Account consists of the following information:

  • Username: probably the email address you provided to us
  • Password: pre-generated password which you can change at any time
  • Workspace ID: a Virtual Workspace with its own isolated and secure database to store your account information and published content

With your Connec2 Account you can get access within various kinds of applications, like Connec2 Client & Connec2 Uplink, so its important to keep your credentials secure and private.

Besides gaining access to the Connec2 platform there are some other things that are interesting to know about your Connec2 Account:

  • Avatar – a combination of your name and virtual appearance is linked to your Connec2 Account, making your virtual meetings as personal as you want them to be!
  • My Profile – your personal information that is available to you in Connec2 is linked to your Connec2 Account, which you can access through our online back-end