Platform Guide

Welcome to the Connec2 Platform Guide!

Start Connec2 Client

With the Windows 10/11 Connec2 Client users can join the Virtual Workspace without the need of having a VR headset. This comes in handy when you forgot your VR headset or when you want to invite a guest which doesn’t own a VR headset. Joining from a flat screen doesn’t of course give you the full immersive experience, but at least your voice can be heard!

1. Simply press the orange ‘click here to update’ button to start downloading and installing the latest version of this client on your system.

2. You can follow the installation on the progress bar.

3. When the installation is complete you can simply press the green ‘Start Connec2’ button to start the Windows 10/11 Connec2 Client! Follow the onscreen instructions that show up on your screen after you’ve been automatically logged in.

Take a look at the Tutorials section of the Platform Guide (Connec2 Client > Virtual Workspace) for a quick tour of the Virtual Workspace you’re about to explore!