Platform Guide

Welcome to the Connec2 Platform Guide!

Client for Oculus Quest (ISV)

Note: this option is only available for Oculus for Business!

Connec2 is an official Oculus ISV partner, which means we can send an App Invite to the Device Manager of your organization. With the App Invite the Device Manager can easily install Connec2 to all the available Oculus Quests! With the App Invite you will also be able to receive over-the-air updates!

In order to send an App Invite for Oculus for Business we will need the Device Manager ID and its associated email address. The Device Manager ID can be found in the top right corner of the Device Management Console (see image below), which is accessible by an authorized user in the companies Workplace.

When the software is deployed it should automatically show up in your home screen. When you launch Connec2 you’ll be presented with 3 login fields: use the corresponding Connec2 credentials you received from your Connec2 contact person.

Take a look at the Tutorials section of the Platform Guide (Connec2 Client > Virtual Workspace) for a quick tour of the Virtual Workspace you’re about to explore!