Welcome to the introduction section of the Connec2 3D Editor. In this section we will briefly explain what you can do with the 3D Editor and what not to do with it.

Connec2 3D Editor is a tool to publish 3D models to your Virtual Workspace. It’s intended for users that already have some degree of knowledge about 3D applications like SketchUp, Revit, SolidWorks, 3Ds MAX, & Blender.

What you should use it for:

  • To tweak small things in your content that make sense in VR, but not in your source material; e.g. placing the content in such a way it’s accessible in VR
  • To add specific Connec2 behaviour or features to your content; e.g. making objects interactive and/or creating navigation surfaces

What you should not use it for:

  • To fix structural errors in your source material; e.g. things that are out of place or cause issues like z-fighting
  • To create complex scenes of multiple 3D models; e.g. things that you could probably do better in the 3D application of the source material

Note: in the weeks to come we’ll add more in depth tutorials about Connec2 3D Editor (interface overview, navigation, object manipulation, adding Connec2 components & publishing content).