Platform Guide

Welcome to the Connec2 Platform Guide!

Virtual Workspace

Recognizability in a virtual environment is important. Both on a personal level and productively. This is made possible by implementing your corporate branding in a natural way and by incorporating intuitive activity based spaces. Think of it as the ultimate hybrid solution where your real-life corporate identity meets the digital virtual world.

Through years of experience in the field of virtual reality and 3D archviz, we have created a design that combines all our expertises into the ultimate Virtual Workspace: Connec2 Index.

The name Index is derived from the table of contents of a book. It provides users with a clear overview of the endless possibilities that Connec2 has to offer.

You start in an open space outside Index – allowing new VR users to take in the Virtual Workplace, while at same time getting a good look at your corporate branding.

The office runner, matching your company colour scheme, guides users towards one of two entrances of Index.

You can follow the runner to your left (left above + below images) or to your right (right above + below images): they both meet inside at the same space. Here you’ll also find your first Smart Screen, which you can use for presentations.

To continue: use the stairs to go to the next floor, towards the the heart of Index.

The second floor contains a couple of interesting activity based spaces.

Hallway Space – with its Smart Screen, this open space is ideal for giving smaller and informal talks.

Standup Space – with its larger Smart Screen, this room is ideal for interactive meetings with larger teams.

Huddle Spaces – with their flexible layout, the Huddle Spaces are ideal for initiating one or more breakout sessions in a very natural way, each Huddle Space comes with its own Smart Screen.

Holodeck Space – with its infinite space, the Holodeck is ideal for design reviews or virtual tours with multiple stakeholders.

Corporate branding courtesy of our client Walraven